Software change management with CA Gen

Discussion created by Mathew on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Daniel_Stratton

Is there a reliable way to identify that a load module on the IBM mainframe was created in CA Gen?


We normally require that all of the developed source code be added to our software change management (SCM) tool, on the IBM mainframe we utilized CA ENDEVOR Software Change Manager, and that the load modules are generated inside the SCM tool from that source code to ensure that we have the complete set of matching source code that is needed for future maintenance and development of the load modules.  However, load modules creating using CA Gen are added directly to the our SCM tool without the source code.  Therefore we have two source code repositories, one is CA ENDEVOR SCM and the other is CA Gen.


A problem with this is that at least one developer who is not using CA Gen is nevertheless adding his load modules to ENDEVOR SCM without the source code.  So his source code is in neither source code repository. If there is a reliable way to identify that a load module was created in CA Gen then we could prevent this violation of SCM standards from continuing into the future by blocking load modules not created in CA Gen from being added to CA ENDEVOR SCM.