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Maileater performance - taking hours to days to process

Question asked by J_W on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by J_W

SDM 14.1.02


We have three mailboxes.  Two have the same rules except they are set to create tickets in different Categories and Groups.  The third only allows tickets created using one specific subject line.  All have been working until I made this last change to the first two.


I created a mailbox rule as a 'catch-all' to allow any subject line to create a Request.  This is the last rule in the list below:


SequenceFilterFilter StringActionAction ObjectReply
10Subject contains^UndeliverableIgnore email  
20Subject contains^Out of OfficeIgnore email  
100Subject contains^new incident[ \t\r\n]Create/Update ObjectIncident 
200Subject contains^new request[ \t\r\n]Create/Update ObjectRequest 
1000Subject contains^Re: Request {{object_id}}Update ObjectRequest 
2000Subject contains^Re: Incident {{object_id}}Update ObjectIncident 
3000Subject contains^Re: Change order {{object_id}}Update ObjectChange 
4000Subject contains.[\n]Create/Update ObjectRequest 

In DEV this had no issues but we couldn't put it under load.  Now in PROD, we are seeing severe delays delay between when a message is apparently picked up from the mailbox and when the action is actually taken. Early last week it was a few minutes, then hours, and now days.  There are no errors in stdlog and none of the messages are unknown.  The messages are processed correctly once they are actually processed. 


The mailbox is Office 365 and there do not appear to be any connection issues and the messages are picked up within the polling interval - 60 seconds.


I have an open issue with Support.  We have increased logging and see the message is being processed.  It is correctly parsing to the last rule but the log indicates it fails because it is trying to UPDATE rather than CREATE. It also appears that the message is then discarded.  However, it eventually is 're-processed' and the ticket is created.  I know the email is not being resent from the client side because I am sending test tickets with the time stamp in the subject.


We reviewed the mailbox rule and it is correct as to basic fields - Ignore Case, <blank> on artifact, etc..  We have changed the rule to Update, saved, and then back to Create/Update just to see if there was something not being saved as this was the last rule created.  We had two previous rules (100 and 200 above) to look for specific subjects and then either create an Incident or Request, these were inactivated in favor the catch-all which only opens a Request. 


The other rules are processing correctly, that is, a reply will update a ticket but even these rules are delayed by the same amount.  So I am not certain it is the rule itself that is affecting the performance but noted it was the last system change.


The customer has been integrating new divisions from a merger/acquisition.  However, they do not see any changes in these mailboxes. 


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance,