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Developer Portal 3.5 - AWS - API Enable Issue

Question asked by mcowan on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Mark_HE

The sync between the gateway and the portal is working as expected.  I am seeing the APIs with the "Set as Portal Managed Service" assertion included on the portal.


The issue is when I try to enable one... the process goes through but the API status doesn't get changed to "Enabled"... No error is displayed.


Doing a tail on the Catalina.out log I noticed a message saying 

Document not found: /sitebuilder/content/groups/APIs/4b1b51ce-e3e2-4b96-97ae-f0a917c00426.xml

where the name of course is the API ID.


It appears that this XML file is not being created when the API is saved and activated.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.