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CA WA Automation DE Series - How to run a job round the clock

Question asked by SUDHIRGL58 on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by panav01

Hi Experts,


We have an existing Informatica workflow which runs round the clock. Informatica workflow has an event task which waits for the file to be present in the windows shared path (Source server). Once the  file is placed in the
shared path, Informatica workflow gets the file from the shared path and copies the file to the Informatica server (Target Server). Upon successful completion of the copy of file, the workflow does further processing.


I have following questions:


1. How to setup a file watcher event in DE Series?

2. System and Informatica agents are installed on the Target Server. Does a system agent needs to be installed on the      Source server for ftp purposes?

3.  How to setup a job to make it run round the clock in DE Series?


Kind Regards,

Sudhir Goel