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Remaining availabilty of Role/Resource is converting to ETC when replacing with resource in 14.2 Version

Question asked by sravani_nidamanuri on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by sravani_nidamanuri

When replacing a role/resource  with another resource, the remaining availability on role is converting to ETC. Initially the Role has zero ETC , Remaining availability as 2240 and this Role is assigned on 2 assignments on a projects with zero ETC. The ETC after replacing Role with Resource is showing as 4480 which means the remaining availability of role is converted to ETC on each Assignment.


This is happening only with Roles/Resources that are already existing on project team tab.. When we create a new role on the same project the issue doesn't replicate.


We are on Version 05 12. Below are the screenshots of team and task tab before and after replace.


Can some please help with analysis of this issue.

Before Replace

Screenshot of team tab before replace

Screenshot of task tab before replace


After Replace

Screen of team tab after replace


Screen of task tab after replace