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Synch Service Desk Cancelled status back to Service Catalog

Question asked by ioani01 Employee on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by ioani01

Good day everyone.

We have Service Desk (SD) and Service Catalog (SC) 14.1 installed. We have some SC requests which fire off some custom PAM processes. Part of the process is that once all the necessary approvals have been done it opens up a change order in service desk. Once the change order has been closed it then updates the request in SC to completed. This was done by editing the itsm.maj and itsm.mod files.

I cant seem to so the same with the Cancelled status however. If I edit the itsm.maj and itsm.mod files to trigger on the Cancelled status it sets the SC request to Completed. It needs to be Rejected (Fulfillment Cancelled).


I've thought of triggering an event from SD that kicks off a PAM process but you cant trigger an event on this status. Has anybody done this or anybody have any ideas?