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How can i create a Policy where user not present in the Group should get a particular response?

Question asked by Ankur-Taneja on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by LAVST01

Hello Everybody,


I am trying to implement a custom solution, where i have a requirement i need to send some static value like False as a response if the particular user is not present in that AD Group.


For ex:- I want to create a policy where i attach a rule and a response, but i need to send response only if the user is not present in the AD group .


Suppose AD group is CN=abc,OU=IDM,OU=P001,OU=GRP , if the end user is not present in this group i should send a response back to the application i.e static response like:WebAgent-HTTP-Header-Variable abc=false .


now generally we can configure the policy for the user which is present in the group, how can we create a policy for a user which is not present in the group and still send a response back.


Your Help would be highly appretiated!!


Thank You

Ankur Taneja