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Hyperlink based on Scoreboard Query

Question asked by Nicole_Miel on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Nicole_Miel

We are developing a Change Management process in Service Catalog and would like to embed a link so that users can be directed to a list of all of the Change Control Change Orders where they are the assignee in Service Desk.  We have a scoreboard query for this, so users could navigate to Service Desk and use their scoreboard.  However, our requirements from our Change Control group is that the link be direct so as so eliminate unnecessary navigation.  I have created a hyperlink based on a user that will navigate to their open Change Orders for a category, but I need to be able to use multiple categories as a parameter or just use the scoreboard as a parameter.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  The hyperlink I have is below: