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sysloggtw doesn't create device and configuration item

Question asked by marelukes on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Britta_Hoffner

Dear experts,

I'd like to use sysloggtw and let it to create alarm directly.

But it seems to me that it doesn't create device and configuration item as I don't see alarm in USM and I'm not able to find device in cm_device and metric in cm_configuration_item_metric according to dev_id and ci_metric_id assigned to the alarm in nas_alarms.

Am I right?

And is it possible to change severity and suppkey for alarms generated by sysloggtw?

Otherwise I'll have to save messages to file and parse the file with logmon. But in this case, I will have to manage file rotation ... Moreover, I'll will have to correlate alarms in NAS to assign alarms to original servers sending syslog messages. Change of source in logmon is not enough for UMP and especially for SOI.

Kind regards,