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What is the proper procedure for exporting a JasperSoft studio report to Excel with a merged excel macro template?

Question asked by MichaelBrunak82220320 on Sep 12, 2016

Hello CA PPM Community!!


I am attempting to merge an excel exported file from Jaspersoft Studio 5.6.1 with a macro-enabled excel file. However, when I use the "Add JasperReports Server Resource", other file types are not permitted. What is the proper procedure for uploading macro.xls?

Is the macro file needed in the local studio folder structure and get compiled together with the .jrxml OR does it exist on the JasperServer as a resource that is retrieved when the report is executed? This is a requirement for us in order to produce a file with grouped/collapsed columns which is not supported by the native API's.

When I place the macro file on the JasperReports Server and provide the path in the properties of the report, I receive an error message: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Input stream not found at : /Folder/Resources/macro.xlt

A sample of the collapsed/grouped columns in shown below. 

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Collpased/Group columns in Excel report exported from JasperSoft Studio 5.6.1 report