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Approve or Reject multiple Catalog request items

Question asked by chris157.157 on Sep 13, 2016
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On our Service Catalog (V14.1.02), we assign the approval of a request to a person.  Once this person opens the request, they are able to approve / reject each item in the request on a per item basis.

However, once the approver selects "Perform Action, on the top left hand corner of the screen that they work on, there is an option to "Select and: Approve / Reject".  Irrespective of how we activate this option, we are always met with a return message that says we must "Please select a service to approve/reject".  You will also notice that the selection of the item has also been removed by the system.  Screen shots attached.

Are we using this functionality incorrectly or not understanding what it is meant for?

Any pointers / advice / assistance would be much appreciated.


Chris Saunders