CA Mobile App Services 1.2: New Features 200 Training

Discussion created by Colleen_Doyle Employee on Sep 12, 2016

In this one-hour web-based training course, you will learn:


  • Understand which products are compatible with CA Mobile App Services 1.2, which enables you to determine which environments are necessary to run it
  • Identify the enhancement made to the installer, which enables you to install multiple instances of CA Mobile App Services
  • Identify new support for Apache Cassandra databases, which enables you to easily save the new schema to an existing Apache Cassandra keyspace and use an Apache Cassandra database as an OTK database
  • Identify the changes that were made to the way data is stored, which enables you to now create private cloud data storage for each user
  • Identify the finer level of permissions that are now available for SCIM operations, which enables you to more easily create an app with more granular access control for user and group management
  • Gain an insight into the enhancements to the developer documentation, which enables you to more easily access the information you want, when you need it freedom to suit your needs


CA Mobile App Services 1.2: New Features 200

Please note, there may be a fee associated with this course.