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How can we filter test cases by config file name in DevTest Portal?

Question asked by VirajSingh on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by VirajSingh

I have run the Same Test Case Using 10 different config files.

Each config file has environment details of a  particular environment i want to run the test case in.

Now when i go to Monitoring tests tab in DevTest Portal, I am unable to filter it by the Config File name which also refers to the environment i ran it in.

Now taking the cursor over the name of test case shows the config, but if i run the test case 2 times a day in 10 different environments, it gets tough to filter out a particular test case which ran in an environment.

The only filters that are present are Filter "by Name" or Filter by "Executed By".

In any manner if i can add the config file as a filter or as a column at least in the monitoring tests tab on the DevTest Portal or any other way to get this done.


I am on DevTest 9.1 Version.


Thanks In advance.