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Time Periods Requested Do Not Exist Error?

Question asked by cpscholes on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by cpscholes

Have a PM who is adding projected work hours (ETC) on a task.  He is doing this estimating the hours/week he expects a certain resource to work for certain dates into the future.   Today is Sept 15, and he is adding 10 hours a week starting late November for this particular task/resource.   Every thing is going fine as he scrolls the calendar window plugging in his 10 hours a week...until he gets to late December and into January, he gets the following error. 


Alert:The time periods requested do not exist. Review the column's Time Scale settings


The amount of time he *tries* to put in those weeks *does* get added to the overall ETC for that task, but the week calendar does not show the hours that he tried to enter in the late Dec/Jan weeks.