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Error while accessing Issue Page

Question asked by caadmin on Sep 16, 2016
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We are facing issue while accessing "detail_iss.htmpl" page through analyst interface.


When we click on "New Issue" link in "File" menu, the blank page appears. When we try to refresh/reload the page, it shows message as 'page load in progress-please wait for response'.
This issue is observed while using 'Internet Explorer' only. However it is working fine with other browsers like 'Google chrome' & 'Mozilla Firefox'. Also, it is working fine with IE when logged in with Administrator User.


We have added some customized fields to the page.


We are using,
SDM Version - 14.1
IE Version     -  IE 11


As we had made some customization in page "detail_iss.htmpl" so we tried by removing this page from 'Mods' folder so as to access original "detail_iss.htmpl" page. but the same case was observed.


Can there be any browser compatibility issue ?


Please guide us to resolve this.