DC-BATCH deadlock management not working

Discussion created by alexmc on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by ChuckHardee

Trying to manage DC-BATCH to reattempt its updates after incurring a deadlock abend.  

Program starts successfully with BIND TASK statement, does some GET QUEUE commands and does a COMMIT TASK.  Then does a BIND RUN-UNIT, BIND recs/ready areas and starts update process.  I've written code to redo the BIND/READY stuff after incurring an xx29 abend but program fails when attempting to perform the final PUT QUEUE commands (xx77 or xx69 abends) .  If I follow the xx29 abend with a BIND TASK, that fails on a 5077 abend. 

It seems that I'm unable to continue to do DC-BATCH queue management stuff after the IDMS abend regardless of whether I start with a BIND TASK or QUEUE commands!...