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PDM_LIST menubar_sd.htmpl condition

Question asked by diegolimabsb on Sep 20, 2016
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I need to show the "New change order" menu item only if the user is a member of a particular group.


I followed the topic Restrict who can see a field in Service Desk to customize the condition in the "menubar_sd_l1_analyst.htmpl" but when I publish the change a syntax error is displayed in the log:

Unable to receive record for PDM_LIST at menubar_sd_l1_analyst.htmpl[138]: syntax error, unexpected FROM at FROM


The code:


<PDM_LIST FACTORY=grpmem WHERE="member=U'$' and (group.last_name = 'CORPORATIVO')" PREFIX=special>
<PDM_SET args.PodeVer="Yes">
if ("$args.PodeVer" == "Yes") {
<PDM_MACRO name=menuItem label="New_Change_Order..." function="ahdtop.create_new('chg',0)" hotkey="h">
<!PDM_MACRO name=menuItem label="New_Change_Order_from_Template" function="ahdtop.create_new('chg',1)" hotkey="w">


Can anyone help me?!