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SiteMinder Manager - Errors Per Interval- related metric not reporting

Question asked by Rikash-CG on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Hallett_German
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we  are using SiteMinder Manager of CA APM. All the policy server related metrics are reporting and data is coming.

But the metrics related to "Errors Per Interval" are not reporting and data is not coming in Introscope Investigator except "PolicyStore:Errors Per Interval"

Some example(not reporting): UserStore:Errors Per Interval, Login:Errors Per Interval, Validate:Errors Per Interval, Logout:Errors Per Interval etc. etc.

I noticed that in SiteMinderPSdefs.xml file only metric definition are present related to "Errors Per Interval" , rest are not.

report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|PolicyStore:Errors Per Interval"

<metric-def name="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|LDAPDatabase|$2|Operations|UserStore:Errors Per Interval" report-metric-as="SiteMinder|Policy Server|$0|Databases|UserStore|LDAP|$2:Errors Per Interval"/>


can you confirm whether we have correct SiteMinderPSdefs.xml file?

attached the file.


Thanks in advance.