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Adjusted Actuals and ETC

Question asked by Art_Vendryes on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Art_Vendryes

I remember in past versions of CA PPM that if a resource entered time in their timesheet on a task then an adjustment was made after posting the hours on the first task were not added back into the ETC on the original task.  Anyone know if this is still the case?


Task1 has ETC of 40 hours.  Task2 has an ETC of 60 hours.  An assigned resource enters 20 hours on the task reducing the ETC to 20 hours

An adjustment is made after time posting removing the 20 hours from Task1 and the resource enters the 20 hours to Task2 reducing the ETC on Task2 to 40 hours after time posts.  The ETC on Task1 remains at 20 hours.