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How to create two alarm queus for forwarding of alarms to event management TOOL

Question asked by ManishSharma on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by ManishSharma

Hi All,


This is regarding Alarm gateway queue which we have in our environment to forward data from Nimsoft to BPPM.

To achieve this we have customized probe in which we have mention the queue name and then all the alarms coming from 6 different HUBs going to BPPM.

Recently we observed that queue not able to cop with the load, sometimes lot of alarms getting queued up or getting deactivated.


Therefore we wanted to create two queues so that load of alarms can be divided into two parts, one queue for 3 HUBs and same goes for other one.


Please let me know if we can achieve this and how we can achieve this, thanks a lot in advance.



Manish Sharma