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In a Test Suite, How can we run multiple test cases with different config file?

Question asked by VirajSingh on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by VirajSingh

Created a test suite which consists of 2 test cases.

Also i created 2 different config files.


Now i want to Run Test case 1 with Config file 1

and Test case 2 with config file 2 .


Its easy if you want to run them individually, but when i try the same thing in a suite i am unable to find an option to do that.

By default , in the suite both the test cases run with the config file which is active in the project.

so basically i am only able to run both test cases in the suite with only one config file at a time.


I am on DevTest 9.1

If you have a solution please post it.

Thanks in advance.