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Kill process through a LUA script

Question asked by DCAlmeida on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Gene_Howard

I am trying to kill a process through a LUA and AO.


My code:


a = alarm.get()
nimid = a.nimid
domain = a.domain
hub = a.origin
robot = a.robot
message = a.message

pidproc = "4432"
addr = "/"..domain.."/"..hub.."/"..robot.."/processes"

args = pds.create()
pds.putString(args, "pid", pidproc)
tab, rc = nimbus.request(addr, "kill_process", args)


The rc code is 0 but this doesn't affect anything, the process is not killed.

If I use the probe utility it works well!


Can you help me?