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Auto synchronize the ldap-enabled/disabled contacts in SDM????

Question asked by diegolimabsb on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by birolturker.kara



I'm a huge doubt to be able to meet the requirement of a customer.


I need that the SDM synchronize the contacts registered in the LDAP over a period of time, inactivating contacts not found and creating new contacts if are any new entries in the LDAP.


The first problem I found, in the environment was the fact that there is already configured EEM solution, that does not quite understand.


My first idea was to make the change as the tec doc, create a .bat file to run the "pdm_ldap_sync -l command "id = AND userAccountControl = 2"" and schedule a task using the Task Scheduler to run the .bat every day.


For this I installed on the SDM server all LDAP options in order to be able to run the import and synchronization commands.


When performing the import or synchronization utility the contacts are properly set up (not sure if contacts were inactivated too) but for the tool already be configured with EEM (and this is the type of authentication for each type of access) is not possible to logon or with the user servicedesk.


Can anyone help me?!


Theres a way to do this!? =´(


The EEM has a utility that allows this type of import / synchronization?


At first I thought the .bat creating solution and task scheduling would solve the problem, but when confronted me with the EEM everything changed. 


Thanx to all!!!!