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Classic Workflow Notification, skipped tasks

Question asked by marc.see on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Lindsay_Estabrooks

Our change categories are set up such that email notifications are sent to the assigned group of each workflow task when the status of the task changes to "pending". I noticed that if a task status has been changed to skip/complete, any preceding tasks that are in "wait" status will not receive a notification when the status changes to "pending".


For example: A change order with 5 tasks is created. Task #1 is automatically set to pending and a notification for that group is sent. When Task #4 is completed before Task #2 or #3, the group assigned to Task #2 will not be notified when Task #1 completes and the status changes to "pending".


Can someone confirm this? If this behavior is not correct, how do I fix this?