Web Services Sample Program R19

Discussion created by pal4.4 on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Fishman

I have just successfully completed a proof of concept of a Java client calling a stored procedure on IDMS. Thanks to community and CA for pointing me to sample programs in both COBOL and ADS.


I am now in the process of writing a IDMS-DC COBOL program to consume a web service from outside the mainframe (Web service written in Java over SOAP 1.1 and XML. I do have a WSDL of the web service). I have searched through the various related questions and responses. I am looking for a sample IDMS-DC COBOL program that could be used as a template. The closest one I have found is in the package by Fishman. The COBOL program was last updated for INCR 3 in April 2016. Does anyone have a sample program for the IDMS R19 GA release or will this program work in the GA release. 


I have read the official documentation of the IDMS R19 but could not find a complete sample program like the one in SQL Reference for stored procedures.


Any help with an IDMS-DC COBOL sample program  will be appreciated.



Sat Pal