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Cross-domain calls

Question asked by mahars on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by mahars

Hi Guys,


Here's the thing, I have a login.fcc page that is  being called from a fat client with a dns from the "" domain and the fat client forces the target to be a dns from "" domain. We currently get a "500 : Server Error [00-0017]" meaning ->



Invalid redirect target found.


Examine the log file of the Web Agent which is reporting this message to locate the URL being processed (usually an FCC or other advanced authentication URL) and determine if the value of the TARGET CGI parameter appears valid.

We are pretty sure that the problem comes from the fact that we interact over two different domains but we're wondering if there's anything we can do to work around the problem? The ValidTargetDomain agent parameter doesn't seem to be enough to go over the issue.