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Simultaneous extraction and masking of DB2 data

Question asked by abhinav.bhatnagar on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by abhinav.bhatnagar

We have 2 db2 databases - production and test database (on Unix). Our requirement is to extract production data and mask it before loading it to the test db2 instance. Its a direct one-to-one mapping. 


We are able to create masking algorithm in FDM and also mask existing data in test db2 database. However, in the new scenario, masking has be to carried out before the data is loaded into the test environment. The process of extraction and masking should happen simultaneously from production db2.


In GT Subset, on selecting db2 as the system, the option to specify masking logic is not displayed. 


Kindly let us know how this action can be performed.