Now Available - CA Live API Creator 3.0: Differences 200

Discussion created by Colleen_Doyle Employee on Sep 26, 2016

Visit the CA Learning Portal today to review what's new in CA Live API Creator 3.0!


Here's what you will learn in the 1-hour, self-paced course:

  • Understand that by creating managed data servers and data sources you can simply create databases, tables and columns to easily publish APIs
  • Identify how you can connect to Salesforce data sources, which enables you to easily manage Salesforce data
  • Identify the enhanced support for XML, which enables you to send data to API Creator using the XML format
  • Identify the addition of a JavaScript debugger, which enables you to debug your rules, including events and JavaScript libraries
  • Understand the new developer features in CA Live API Creator, which enables you to more efficiently write code
  • Gain an insight into the enhancements to the product documentation, which enables you to more easily access the information you want, when you need it


CA Live API Creator 3.0: Differences 200

*Please note there may be a fee associated with this learning experience