CA PPM Documentation Glossary

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The CA PPM writers continually work to improve the documentation content so you can be successful with your CA PPM implementation. By taking this quick survey, you have a voice to help improve the content quality. Please use this link to view the 15.1 glossary and then answer these questions. Thank you in advance for your participation.


CA PPM Glossary - 15.1


1. Do you use and refer to the Glossary?


2. If you use the glossary, please continue and answer these questions:


  • What term(s) would you like to see added?
  • What term(s) would you like to see removed?
  • What term(s) need modification to clarify their meaning?


3. How else can we improve the Glossary?


4. What is your role in your organization?


5. What version of CA PPM do you have?


6. Do you use CA PPM On Premise or SaaS?