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Jaspersoft - Unable to run "admin update jasperParameters" command

Question asked by bursy01 Employee on Sep 27, 2016
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Our databases (Oracle exadata cluster) have migrated to a new exadata location. We have updated all necessary information in CSA and in the Jaspersoft context.xml file.

We can now access Jasper Server, Advanced reporting, and we can run all Datawarehouse related jobs.

However, unable to run any report or Ad hoc view, with the following errors:

Error when running an OOTB report

 Error for OOTB report

Custom Ad Hoc View:

Error for custom ad hoc view


We tried to run run the admin update jasperParameters command to push the changes from the app server to the reporting server, but we are getting the following error:

Error after the admin update command


For some reason, the connection using ppmjasperadmin is refused. I verified that I am able to connect with this user via the Jasper server UI, therefore the user itself is OK and active.


Does anyone have any ideas on that ?


Thanks in advance !