New to APM or Planning an Upgrade or Migration to APM 10.x?

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Sep 27, 2016

Dear APM Administrator and User::

Throughout the year, many customers are in the planning or implementation stages for upgrading/migrating to APM 10.x.


If so, please consider reviewing the following resources:


1) A One page summary of 10 reasons to adopt APM 10.x -- http://www.ca.com/content/dam/ca/us/files/infographic/10-reasons-to-adopt-apm-10-infographic.pdf


2)  The helpful Communities page with invaluable resources on "Why Upgrade to CA APM 10. https://communities.ca.com/community/ca-apm/pages/upgrade-to-apm-10.


This includes videos and webcasts with instructional step-by-step videos designed to help including

Upgrade to CA APM 10 in 4 Easy Steps.



3)  And please don't forget the handy "Need Help" page with access to the latest documentation and knowledge base article. https://communities.ca.com/community/ca-apm/pages/need-help


These pages are frequently updated. So, please come back from time to time to check out the new material

Hal German