Tech Tip: How to restore the DMCL source to the dictionary?

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Sep 27, 2016
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Accidentally deleted the DMCL.  What areas do I restore to retrieve the DMCL source?



The DMCL is stored in the catalog. Source in DDLCAT DDLCATX areas and the dmcl load module is in the DDLCATLOD area.


You can restore DDLCAT and DDLCATX together, without restoring DDLCATLOD. There are no cross area pointers between DDLCATLOD and the other areas. This would restore the source for the DMCL. Even if you restored DDLCATLOD, it would not affect the runtime DMCL load module, which is linked to your dba loadlib. The CV's runtime dmcl is not loaded from the DDLCATLOD.