Tech Tip: How to Submit an Enhancement Request for Test Data Manager

Discussion created by gilta03 Champion on Sep 27, 2016

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If you would like a certain feature to be added or you have an idea for the product, this is the process for creating an enhancement request for Test Data Manager.


How do I submit an enhancement request for Test Data Manager?


CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- All components
All product release versions.


  1. Go to CA Test Data Manager 
  2. In the top, right-hand corner click on down arrow of the 'Actions' button.
  3. Choose 'Idea' from the drop down list.
  4. Here on the 'CREATE A NEW IDEA' page fill out the following:
    • Title Your Idea: (Title/Headline/Subject)
    • Add some persuasive details: (Middle textbox section) Please include-
      • The problem you are facing without the enhancement or the main idea for the new feature.
      • The release version of Test Data Manager you are currently using and any other relevant environment details.
      • The expected results or outcome you are looking for with the enhancement.
      • The impact this is having for your project.
      • How soon you would need the enhancement ideally.
      • The potential business impact if it is not provided. 
  5. Tag this idea with any keywords that would be helpful for other users to find your Idea.
  6. Under 'Categories' check the box for 'CA Test Data Manager'. 
  7. Under the 'Advanced Options' click 'Add authors' if you would like to mention a colleague or CA employee that you worked with on this Idea so you both will be notified of any updates.
  8. To submit the idea click the blue 'Create Idea' button at the bottom of the screen.
  9. What to expect next:
    • You and other community users will be able to 'vote' for this enhancement request. Be sure to vote 'Up' for your own idea.
    • It will be reviewed by product managers at frequent intervals who will decide if the enhancement will be added to the product and when.
    • You will be notified of the enhancement request's progress by the Idea post being marked as 'Under Review', 'Currently Planned', or 'Delivered' by CA.
    • This is our formal way of documenting enhancement requests and a lot of them really do get added to the product, so we highly recommend creating an Idea or joining or monitoring the community in general. 

Additional Information:

  • If you have any questions about the community please message our community manager Melanie Giuliani.
  • If you are unsure you are experiencing a product issue versus the need for an enhancement request, please open a support case on or call 1-800-225-5224.