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Cannot change ETC Start Date on Assignment

Question asked by GregPaisley62353433 on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by Dave_3.0

We need to change the ETC Start Date on an Assignment and we cannot. For some reason the ETC Start Date is currently set at 2/1/17.  The allocation, task, and assignment start dates are all set for Sept 2016.  We cannot change the ETC Start Date to Sept 2016.  All finish dates go out to 2018.  We have tried changing the ETC amount and let the Time Slice job run.  We can change the amount, just not the start date.  We also tried changing the Loading Pattern from "Front" to "Uniform".  Also, tried doing a timesheet adjustment to force recalculation.  Nothing seems to help.  Any advice is appreciated!  We are running version 14.3  Thanks, Greg P.