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Bubble Charts - Text illegible in Firefox

Question asked by MatthewPalicki on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by am1

Hello all, have had this problem for some time and hoping maybe someone stumbled upon a solution.


We created a fairly standard bubble chart while using Clarity v13.2. We noticed after the upgrade to 14.2 that in Firefox (our predominantly used browser) the text was basically illegible. It looks better (but still bad) in Chrome, and is only truly legible in IE.


I did submit a ticket with CA support, and after running through many different browser settings, they were stumped and we closed the ticket unresolved. Upon upgrading our DEV system to 15.1, I see that this problem still persists. We are getting more requests to use this particular chart so I would love to get it resolved. Affects everyone in our organization equally, and noted on Firefox v38 and 45+.


Anyone have any thoughts? See attachment for an example/comparison. Thanks!