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Failed to load Custom Authentication Scheme

Question asked by sowmya.gadang on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by Stephen_McQuiggan

Version:SiteMinder single sign on 12.52 SP 02

OS: Windows 2012.


I am getting the following error message when I tried to get to the protected URL.

On the browser I am getting the following Error message

500: #Server Error [20-0004]

500: Server Error [20-0004]


In the Web Agent Logs, I see 

[78504/78768][Thu Sep 29 2016 10:15:48][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:546][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00520] LLA: SiteMinder Agent Api function failed - 'Sm_AgentApi_IsProtectedEx' returned '-1'.
[78504/78768][Thu Sep 29 2016 10:15:48][CSmProtectionManager.cpp:192][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00420] HLA: Component reported fatal error: 'Low Level Agent'.
[78504/78768][Thu Sep 29 2016 10:15:48][CSmHighLevelAgent.cpp:423][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00420] HLA: Component reported fatal error: '#Protection Manager'.


In the SMPS Logs, I see

[2204/3472][Thu Sep 29 2016 10:07:43][SmAuthServer.cpp:339][ERROR][sm-Server-02940] Failed to query authentication scheme 'CRE_Auth_Scheme'


My Custom Auth Scheme is

Protection leve is 5

Library is ArcotSiteMinderAdapter