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Lookup to return values based on data partition without extra Search click

Question asked by J_W on Sep 29, 2016
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Customer is moving off r11.2 and will be using Incidents for the first time.  This is a maturing process and all incoming tickets from employees will start as Request. Employees will be able to set Urgency for a Request but not Priority.  All inbound email tickets will be the lowest priority.  Tier 1 will determine if it is an Incident.  They will gather reports as time goes on to determine next improvements.  They are not using Priority Calculation in order to have consistent usage between Requests and Incidents.  


They do want default Priorities on Request/Incident areas.  OOTB, Areas Defaults only apply to Assignee, Group, and Urgency - not Priority.


I have already modified the pcat schema to add a link to priority table.  Thanks to cdtj, I have modified load_properties.htmpl to pull this value when an Area is chosen and they tab out of the field as with the other defaults.  However, this only populates the Priority field if it is set to Lookup instead of Dropdown.




I need to either

1:  Change the Lookup so it pops up with all the available Priorities based on the data partition - without them having to hit Search in the pop-up window.  The macro definition for dtlLookup does not include adding a whereclause.  This should function the same as if you clicked Priorities from the Administration->Service Desk->Codes->Application Data->Priorities - except respect the data partition for the analyst, OR

2:  Figure out how to make this update the dropdown.



There will only be 3 available priorities.  Since we are not supposed to inactivate Priorities, I have modified the dropdown attributes to limit the priority choices to 1,2,3 as well as created a data partition table for Priorities. 


I have also create a .mod file to set priority on cr on new to a dummy value in order to eliminate the 'None' value.  This replaces it with a '?' in the dropdown and forces some value to be chosen. 


None of this affects the back-fill of the default value from the Area.  Even the OOTB Priorities and dropdown attributes do not work for a backfill.