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Wildcards in jaspersoft studio reports

Question asked by Keri Taylor on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by Keri Taylor
Basically i want to pass a string into parameter with wildcard. 
the stored data is like:
Inline image 1
I am using the "code" on the right. 
if i use in TOAD:
WHERE port.port_code LIKE '%prd_mob_app%'
results in jaspersoft studio
Works perfectly. 
Then i add in the parameter
WHERE port.port_code LIKE '%'||'$P!{portfolioKey_1}'||'%'
This doesn't give me any errors, and i am using a collection as class type:
Inline image 2
Unfortunately, nothing is generated within the report, the report is blank.
I also tried using an Array
<parameter name="portfolioKey_1" class="java.sql.Array">
<parameterDescription><![CDATA[Portfolio]]>     </parameterDescription>
Does anyone have any ideas please?