Project Estimate to Complete (ETC) Costs by Month

Discussion created by roland.parrotte Champion on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Does anyone have sample SQL to show the Project ETC Costs by Month?


I'm hopeful there is a Time Slice that can be used but failed to find one, and my attempts to use MONTHLYRESOURCEESTCURVE only provides hours, not dollars/costs, and I was hopeful that I could just go straight to a Time Slice which breaks the data for ETC costs.


If I do use MONTHLYRESOURCEESTCURVE, then I would need to join it back to Rate Matrix to get the Cost Rate (and then base it on DAILY as the Rate Matrix will change over time).  If this is the only option, could someone please share their SQL to achieve, as my attempts have also failed in this.