Support Automation Digital Certificate Expiry - October 4th

Discussion created by Alex_Perretti Employee on Sep 30, 2016
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This message is to inform the Community that the Digital Certificate that is associated to Support Automation and its executables will expire October 4th, which is next Tuesday. Patches have been published that will need to be applied in order to replace the necessary files with a version of the files signed with a new certificate.


Who does this affect?


All users of Support Automation. Patches have been created for Service Desk Manager 12.9 and 14.1.


What is the impact of this problem?


The impact may vary. Support Automation may continue to function, but analysts who launch Support Automation may see a message like this:




The analyst should click "Run" and the application should continue to function. If the analyst selects "Always trust contact from this publisher" they shouldn't get the prompt again.

In our testing the End User launch received no prompts and continued to launch successfully.

Please be aware that newer versions of the Java client may actively block launching the Analyst client, due to increased security settings in the client. This additional blocking may render Support Automation completely unusable.


How can this be resolved?



The following fixes are available and should be installed on any Service Desk Manager server that is running the Support Automation component.


Service Desk Manager 14.1:

RO921801 - Windows server

RO92182 - Linux server

RO92204 - Solaris server

RO92205 - AIX server


Service Desk Manager 12.9:

RO92206 - Windows server

RO92207 - Linux server

RO92208 - Solaris server

RO92209 - AIX server


If you have any questions please respond and I'll do my best to provide the information.