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Questions related to Config File deployment and Parameter the config file name

Question asked by DevTestUser on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by DevTestUser

hello - I have two questions around config files which will help us a lot in case if resolved..


1.  Different configs -- We have multiple lisa server configs and multiple lisa servers as well.. every virtual service developed needs to be deployed into different lisa servers with different config.. at the moment we need to change the registry from workstation and deploy in each and change back the registry to other servers .. 


Do we have any better process for this please ? can we define any logic in config file or model to deploy the service across the different environments ?



2. Can me change the VSM name using lisa property .. like usually we use property within double braces to represent a property.. 


reason is I have 5 config in each project and one VSM.  so whenever I deploy the VSM in same environment with different config it will be good display the VSM name in server console something like "VSMName_ConfigName"..



I tried this option which did not work.. i.e., define a key in config property and value stored under this property is name of the config.. 


now, modified the VSM name to VSMname_{{the key name under config}} .. but this did work.. when it deployed to console it shows the same name rather than replace the value for {{the key name under config}}