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Migrate services from and to same gateway in different folder

Question asked by DIVEKTOLIA82220406 on Oct 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by Doyle_Reece

I have 3 folders in my gateway


1) dev

2) qa

3) uat


I would like to migrate the same service from one folder to another. If the service  is not existing in the target folder, then create it otherwise update it. 


Assume, I have a policy on dev folder with name "divek_test_try_gmu_v1". When I use manageMappings, I am able to migrate it to qa folder with the same name as "divek_test_try_gmu_v1" and it works fine as I use manageMappings with --action ForceNew  and then I user - -destFolder qa while executing the migrateIn command.  But when I try to migrate to the uat folder, it fails with below error.


How do I get around this ? My end goal is to have the same service name as “divek_test_try_gmu_v1” under the dev, qa and uat folder and also able to update these services using GMU.



                    <l7:Property key="ErrorMessage">

                        <l7:StringValue>Incorrect mapping instructions: Found multiple possible target entities found with name: divek_test_try_gmu_v1. Mapping for: EntityHeader. Name=divek_test_try_gmu_v1, id=cda89459e6929840a6232a2c5650f876, description=divek_test_try_gmu_v1, type = SERVICE</l7:StringValue>


                    <l7:Property key="MapBy">



                    <l7:Property key="MapTo">