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Attaching URL Links to CI and Request

Question asked by MeteshKeshav1307450 on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by MeteshKeshav1307450

Hi I'm try to work out how to load the URL Links via the PDM_load to CI and request

I can find that the URL are created in the attmnt table and the status = LINK_ONLY



IM trying to find the Lrel table that will link the URL's to the CI and request tickets,

The CI attachments are added in 14.1

I checked in the attmnt_lrel table but unsure if this is the table, is their a way to load these as a bulk load.


also in the attmnt table

can anyone explain what the Attmnt_uuid and the sec_uuid does and how these are linked as I see their are attached in the able for new attachments.