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Live Recording Best Approach?

Question asked by jeff.wallace on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by jeff.wallace

Looking for some suggestions here on if I'm doing this the "smart way".



Client to Live-Service Workflow (it's a REST service)

  1. Client requests info on a person account.
  2. Service responds with account info.
    1. The response also contains URLs to other REST calls that the client can hit for additional info.
  3. Client takes the response, does what it needs with the data.
    1. Sometimes the client will want to get some additional info and will make a call to one of those URLs that were returned in the previous response.


The problem

During recording, that response that contains the URLs to other service calls is obviously returning URLs that point at the live service.  So when we deploy the virtual service, that initial call is virtualized no problem.  However, the URLs that are returned in the virtual response point at the live  service.  So the client then ends up making the next calls to the live service.


To work around this, I've been modifying the URLs that get returned from the virtual service to point at a DevTest recorder.  That way when the client makes its' initial call to the virtual service, the virtual service responds with a URL that points at a recorder, which in turn passes the call to the live service and captures the data.  After the data is captured from this second call, then I can deploy that service and now we have virtualized 2 calls.


This process works, but is cumbersome because each call returns URLs that the client can go hit for more info.  So if the client ends up wanting to hit one of those URLs that got returned from the previous response, then we have to go through this little dance again.


All of the URLs that get returned, point at the same live service HOST.  I doubt this functionality exists, or if it even makes sense, but it would be awesome if there was some way during the recording to have it dynamically know to replace any occurrence of that HOST, with the host where my recorder lives.


Anybody have any suggestions?