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Discussion created by eVBI on Oct 4, 2016
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Hi all,


Would like to here your thoughts about the following.

I created a Rest based program to read all users in Clarity with Advanced reporting rights and their groups attached.

With this information I create Roles and Folders in Jaspersoft and assign rights.


User Elwin has group project manager and resource manager.

In jaspersoft 2 roles are created: Project manager and resoucemanager and 2 folder named Projectmanager and Resourcemanager on which the roles have read/write/delete right.



User Elwin sees:

CA_PPM/reports (ONLY read only right on this folder)

Custom/Resourcemanager (ONLY role resourcemanager has all rights)

Custom/Projectmanager (ONLY role projectmanager has all rights)


When user Elwin would like to schedule a report a copy must be made of the report in the folder he likes to have it.

Based on this copy options and schedule are defined.


What happens if there is a new version of the report?

- as far I can find you need to copy the report again and maybe define again schedule and option lists.......

This is in my opion not real handy when compared to the old reports and jobs functionality.


Are I missing something?###

How are you handle this in your organisation?