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Use of 3rd party DB tools to pre-validate connectivity for IG

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One challenge that typically occurs during engagements is 1st time connection to a database.    If we are using the installer of a solution, it may be confusing if the terminology used by the installer is not 100% matched to what non-DB team members are used to seeing.


There may also be firewall challenges (OS or network), database login/user ID permissions, database login/user ID not active, database login/user ID using mixed authentication, or the database is not configured for TCP/IP communications.


To help eliminate most of these challenges, the usefulness of a 3rd party DB tool can help you keep your sanity.


The CA Identity Governance / Identity Management / Identity Suite solutions use JDBC drivers.   These drivers may be typically one of the three:    Oracle JDBC, MS-SQL JDBC, jTDS JDBC.


CA Identity Governance uses jTDS JDBC for communication to MS-SQL databases.


The format of the jTDS JDBC URL should be:










As you can see, there are many ways to configure the JDBC url, but the HOSTNAME PORT and DATABASE NAME are consistent.    If a "default instance" is chosen during an install, you may see the URL have "instance=1" or not have it declared.



A few screen shots, using DBvisualizer tool, to demonstration the delta between the JDBC URL formats with the jTDS and MS-SQL drivers.

Database Management Software Tools - DbVisualizer 





Example with MS-SQL JDBC driver (sqljdbc4.jar)





Example with Oracle XE