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System function 'deleteResource' fails in 4.3 sp1?

Question asked by camja06 Employee on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by camja06

I have a PAM process that deletes a resource object as its last action. Assuming there is a resource '/path/to/resources' labelled '123456', this should (I thought) delete the resource:


Process.cr_id = "123456";

var bReturn;

bReturn = deleteResource("/path/to/resources", Process.cr_id);


But unless PAM is restarted the deleteResource call returns false and the resource stays put.



Marking this one as 'assumed answered' as I'm not sure I've correctly defined the problem...  the inability to delete a resource is a function of whether or not there has been any lock / unlock activity in the resource.  If there has been such activity, the delete fails, with the following exception in c2o.log:

"java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: Resource object has been modified since loaded - resNumCR".  


Otherwise, for example if I restart PAM and the just run the 'deleteResource' function, the resource is correctly deleted.  I may have to work around this by doing the clean-up as a maintenance activity.