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UIM Oracle probe configuration

Question asked by Rajashekar Allala on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by casph02

Hi All,


Is anyone successfully monitoring oracle databases using UIM oracle probe? If so, please help me with the below information.


1. What is the DB Server Operating System (Linux/AIX/Windows/any other)?

2. Is the robot and oracle probe deployed locally or is it a remote monitoring?

3. How many databases are running on the Server?

4. What are the check points you enabled to monitor oracle DB?

5. Are you using root/admin account or a non root/admin account?

6. Are there any specifications for root/admin or non root/admin accounts?


We are trying to monitor oracle databases (34 in count) running on single AIX server where we deployed robot and oracle probe using root account and the oracle probe getting crashed.


To understand the setup properly, please help me with the above queries.