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How to pass SM_USERLASTLOGINTIME as a response attribute in SiteMinder?

Question asked by Naveen007 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by JaswanthChadalawada4210560

Hello All,


we protected an application with Siteminder. But we want to pass an additional attribute called SM_USERLASTLOGINTIME as a response attribute over HTTP header variables. As I am reading CA documentation only OnAuthAccept method over the Authentication events is having a capability to pass this attribute as a header and it is also having Environment dependencies like password services and User must login with CA SingleSignon onetime.


On our environment we are implementing the password services as smpwservices.fcc (Basic ?) and we are on 12.0 SP3 CR09 policy server version. If someone implement this response attribute in their environment, please let me now what are the steps that i need to do to implement it.


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