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Working on a type of porfolio "Earned v. Burned".  Need total Allocated on active projects.

Question asked by cpscholes on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by cpscholes

Working on a dashboard of sorts, that essentially is a variant of 'earned v. burned'. 


Goal:  GIve executive management a general view into whether our overall portfolio is on track.


Proposed method: 

Calculate total of all project days elapsed, as of "today" / total of all project durations (yields a %)

Calculate total of all project actual hours worked / total of all project allocated hours (yields a %)

If % ~match, in aggregate all projects have the amount of work expended expected within the time elapsed


Question 1:

What does the audience think of this method and have you used other methods?


Question 2:

I can get the project elapsed days and durations for the first calculation.

For the second calculation, I can get actual hours.  But, I'm not sure how to easily get or calculate the number of hours *allocated* (not assigned nor ETC) for all our *active* projects.


Ideas from the experts?